Arr/Dep (catalogue): A Space of Freedom

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Global Experiences in a Local Context

The project Tingvoll kunsthall (Tingvoll Art Hall) lasted eight months and opened the possibility to exhibit interdisciplinary contemporary art in Northwest Norway. Due to the geographic location the topics that the exhibitions faced were not determined by chance but related to the outskirts as cultural phenomena and mental construction.The basic idea for the project arose from the experience of periphery as a  geopolitical and cultural zone that very often seems to be like the rear of the world - where nothing happens and life fades out slowly, disintegrated. But nevertheless the outskirts are part of a whole that is in continuous change, where new human geographies demand a rethinking of social production of space and culture. Tingvoll kunsthall had two aims: The one was to prepare a larger exhibition (Arrivals/Departures) concerning a complex subject difficult to grasp; the other was to problematize a context and little enough move something into change. Because it was interesting to know how people think about and react to their own specific environment within a modern globalized society, the invited artists were mainly local artists. But to balance a point of view in danger to be too local and circumscribed, in addition to those local, two international artists were invited to expand the field of vision with their contributions. During its time the kunsthall functioned like a gallery but it was actually something really different: nothing to buy or sell, but on the contrary nine spring-board-exhibitions and talks  that pointed out several aspects inherent in our local society.The Art Space in the Middle of Nowhere has been a space of freedom and in this space artists and visitors met each other in a common need to make sense of their surroundings.
Paolo Manfredi                                                
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