Arr/Dep (catalogue): "Women Setting Things in Motion"


You see some women from Tingvoll - women setting our local region in motion. But what are they moving?

Is it power and decisions - about which direction to develop our local community?

Is it our attitudes - and who shapes our presentation?

Is it our emotions - that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to influence our society, as individuals?

We observe that these women make a difference - something that many of us are able to do.

We constitute our local community through our choices.

We are personally responsible for these choices, and in a small community these choices become very important.

We are both vulnerable and powerful.

We act in close relations, but we are part of the bigger scheme.

One of the pictures shows my daughter Maria. Her father is from West Africa. I hope she will remain confident in her multicultural background, and that she will be met as an individual with her strengths and weaknesses. People are not categories.

The global world is a part of everyday life. The Ivory Coast in West Africa is the world's largest producer of cocoa.
My children's uncle produces cocoa. He has seven small children. Is there a part of his cocoa in my cup?
When I buy cocoa in the shop here in Tingvoll, I check the price. What's the price at the international cocoa stock exchange? When I pay 12.90 NOK pr. package, what was his wages? What was his daily income when the cocoa costs 2.90 NOK pr. package? My world is his world.

The father of my children works in West Africa. France contributes to the destabilization of West Africa because French economical interests are at stake, and the president is opening the country to other economical Great

Powers. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens in the Ivory Coast demonstrated against France. As a result of

this, French military troops attacked the civilians in the capital Abidjan, killing women and youngsters. An act made by the old colonial power. This didn't take place during the sixties, it happened three years ago, while France strongly critisized the American engagement in Iraq.

Pierre was there. All Western embassies were immediately evacuated , and Pierre was brought out in the last group together with the Norwegian ambassador.

No Norwegian media reported this.

Who creates our reality?

What you do, and what you don't do, makes a difference.

My attitudes, my actions, your attitudes, your actions, our experiences, our opinions, our understanding, our possibilities, our power...

Olaug Haugen
(Executive officer, Tingvoll municipality)


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